About this vision

The two men behind This Vision, singer Marcus Lantz and synthesizer player/programmer Christian Liedholm Hartmann, have known each other since their early teens, growing up on the same street in a suburban town outside Helsingborg in southern Sweden. They had both been playing music for several years when they first started playing together. Marcus was 17, and Christian 16 years old at the time. In the seven years that followed they played various kinds of rock and pop together in different bands but it wasn’t until 2005 that they first started to experiment with synthesizers and a more electronic sound under the name This Vision.

Starting out, the duo knew little about in which direction they were heading for with their music. Everything was composed and conceived during the recording stage. Even though this made the process very long, This Vision’s first EP was released in 2007.

Instead of taking their music to the stage, the duo decided to focus on recording its first studio album. For about a year they went between their home studio – where most of the recordings were made – and the studio were the final recordings of vocals, guitars and mixing took place. After a lot of intense work and finalizing details during the summer, the self-entitled album “This Vision” was released on their own record label Devotion Records in October 2009. The songs, electronic synth-pop with a touch of the 80’s was very well received, both by the public, and the critics who predicted a great future for the band.

The first two singles from the second album – ”The Golden Age We Lost” – are featured in the Swedish independent movie ”Villa Thalassa-Helgen V.48”. The second single – ”Ashes” – was chosen as the theme song and were interpreted by various Swedish artists. With the new album This Vision has introduced more accoustic elements and warmth into the music.. The album is best described as ”great melancholic soundscapes with lyrics about a lost world”.